The San Diego Cooperative Charter Schools support progressive, developmentally based, child-centered communities for active and collaborative student learning where shared values of family, diversity, relationship, creativity and academic excellence flourish.


We respect that which makes each child unique and promote the cognitive, imaginative, creative, social, emotional, and physical development of all students. In order to provide high quality educational services, we have built a supportive, empathetic community—a true collaboration where students, parents, and educators take the time to embrace and understand one another. We embrace diversity and honor the unique contributions of each individual. This environment is intended to enhance the joy of learning for all and to inspire discovery, creativity, and a commitment to lifelong learning. At San Diego Cooperative Charter all members of the school community work together to promote the success of each learner.

Our vision is to cultivate academic greatness through immersive curriculum and educational methods that meet each child’s needs, enable the learner to participate collaboratively in their own learning, and make connections between the curriculum and the outside world. We provide students with the academic, social and emotional tools to discover their own paths through today’s challenges with compassion, collaborative creativity, and critical inquiry.

Knowledge of brain development, multiple intelligences, learning styles, and strategies for differentiation inform instruction in all classes. Service learning and environmental stewardship are integrated into the curriculum in order to promote a socially conscious student population. Our students learn to explore the world around them with a lens of justice and equality, engaging their whole selves in the challenges and questions of today for a more compassionate and just future

Our staff is highly skilled and supported in their endeavors to refine their craft. We continuously monitor our progress toward achieving our goals in order to ensure that we are effectively utilizing all available resources to maximize student growth and performance while exceeding district and statewide standards. We know that the best foundation for inspired learning and academic excellence is cultivating meaningful relationships and introducing alternative ways of learning.