What is a Charter School?

Charter schools are public schools that may provide instruction in grades kindergarten through 12. Charter schools are usually created or organized by a group of parents, teachers and other educators, and community leaders or community-based organizations. An existing public school board usually authorizes charter schools. The specific goals and operating procedures for a charter school are detailed in the agreement (or “charter”) between the board and the organizers. A school charter is typically granted for five years; during its term, the school must meet all the student performance and operational goals listed in its charter, or the charter may be revoked.

The key objectives of a charter school are to:

  • Provide alternative choices for parents and students within the public school system with more innovative and immersive learning opportunities.
  • Stimulate competition in the educational market.

To meet these objectives, charter schools are granted increased autonomy in exchange for increased accountability for results. We set a higher standard of education that prepares learners for college and a career while also shaping them into well rounded, empathetic, and curious human beings.

The San Diego Cooperative Charter Schools are proud to be a part of the greater San Diego educational community. Along with our community, we hope to guide the next generation of change makers to turn ideas and dreams into good for our world.

DOWNLOAD: SDCCS Charter 2017-2022 (Material Revision 2/13/2019)

DOWNLOAD: SDCCS LCAP 2019-2020 Update and Federal Addendum 

DOWNLOAD: SDCCS School Accountability Report Card 2017-2018