Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Hello, I am a first time parent and I am having trouble trying to determine when to apply for kindergarten. My child's birthday is 10/10/2012.

Your daughter will be eligible to enroll in a public school for transitional kindergarten in the fall of 2017, so you should apply by February 28 of that year!

Will there be a 7th or 8th grade?

Yes! We are adding grade levels every year until we complete a TK-8 campus.

How do you determine grade placement for a homeschooled student entering public school for the first time? Do you utilize assessments or review a portfolio of their work?

State law requires all public schools (including charter schools) to place students in age appropriate classrooms.

Can I scan my signed application to an email?

Yes. E-mail applications to

My child is 10 months old. How soon should her name be put into the lottery?

Please submit an enrollment application by February 28 of the year she will start kindergarten.

My niece currently attends SDCCS - Mountain View in 2nd grade. My son will be going into Kindergarten in 2017. Would he get any type of family preference for enrollment? We're applying next year either way, just wanted to get a jump start on options.

We encourage you to submit your enrollment application as soon as possible.  We are however, sorry, sibling priority does not extend to cousins.

My daughter turns 6 on October 8th. She is doing a kindergarten year at a Montessori now. Can she start SDCCS - Mountain View in the first grade? Do you enroll student’s mid-year if there are openings?

In some situations. Call to find out more information.

Do you offer "sibling preference"? (If one child from a family gets in, then the other siblings are automatically in)

If we have an available spot/s for the other sibling/s, yes! If we don’t have a spot for a sibling, they move to the top of their grade-level waiting list until we do have a spot for them.

My daughter's birthday is September 1st. Can she attend Kindergarten that year, or will she have to wait another year? She is 4 now, but will be five next year.

Yes, she can enroll in kindergarten for the school year starting on or before she turns 5 years old.

Can I fax my application?

Currently we only accept applications in person, via email at or by mail at P.O. Box 13926 San Diego, CA 92170.

My son has special needs. Are there any specific slots allotted for special education students in the lottery?

No, there are no slots specifically for students with special needs; all prospective students are treated equally in our annual lottery.

I'd like to schedule some time to tour the school. How/when can I do that?

Please review the tour date information under the admissions tab on our website!

If my child will be attending kindergarten in 2 years, how early can I submit an application?

Submit an application by February 28 of the year in which your child will be in kindergarten.  For example, if s/he will start kindergarten in September 2019, submit your application before February 28, 2019.

Is SDCCS - Mountain View year round or does it have a schedule similar to local public schools?

Our calendar is similar, but not identical, to those of the surrounding school districts. Our calendar is available upon request.

Do your students wear uniforms?

No, our students do not wear uniforms to school.

Once a child is a part of SDCCS - Mountain View, do they have to do the lottery yearly or are they guaranteed an enrollment spot for the following years?

All of our current students are guaranteed spots in the future!

Will all parents be notified if they have been accepted/not accepted for a position?

No. You will hear from us if we have a spot to offer your child! You can call any time after March 15th to ask where your child is on the waitlist.

When are the lottery positions announced? Lottery is held in early March.

We begin offering spots for students who receive spots in the lottery. This process takes typically 2-3 weeks to work through. Parents who have a spot are generally contacted by the end of March.

What are your school hours? Your school sounds amazing, but we live far away and I am worried about the commute.

Our hours are 8:30-3:00 Monday-Friday, except Thursday’s which is 8:30-12:30.

What if I do not live in the boundary limits during the lottery, but will before the school year starts? Will we still be in the lottery?

Yes, you can be in the lottery, but preference is given to in-district families first. Once you move you can update your address with the office.

If an application is selected during the lottery, and the family chooses not enroll will it affect the possibility of enrolling the following year? Can the enrollment be delayed until the following year? For example, putting off kindergarten for a year.

We start each lottery with a “clean slate,” so declining a spot one year will not affect your chances the next year. Likewise, if you choose to delay kindergarten for a year, you must reapply for the following year.

Who can attend SDCCS - Mountain View?

Any child in grade TK-8 for the 2017-2018 school year may apply to attend SDCCS – Mountain View.

How much does SDCCS - Mountain View cost?

Nothing. SDCCS  – Mountain View is a tuition-free public school.

When can I turn in an application?

You may submit an application at any time. Applications turned in by February 28th will be included in the lottery. Those received after this date or after the lottery will be placed in order received on the waiting list.

How old must my child be to attend SDCCS - Mountain View?

State law requires children entering Kindergarten to be 5 on or before September 1st. Transitional Kindergarten students must turn 5 between September 2nd and December 2nd.