April 7, 2017

Child Anxiety is on The Rise

In a recent article in Psychology Today they noted that anxiety in kids age 10-18 is dramatically on the rise.  Anxiety is a normal part of adolescence however the most recent study shows that kids are experiencing anxieties that are beyond typical.

The most recent study shows that parental pressures, terrorism, media fears, social media pressures (e.g., kids viewing pictures of being left out of parties), and perceived threats are some of the more pressing issues on kids these days.

Suggestions for working with you child include identifying the sources of their anxiety (parental pressures, school performance, social acceptance, friend pressure and acceptance) and identifying coping mechanisms and systems for support.  Some strategies you can do to help your child are to assist  them in reducing negative self talk, help them identify the worst case scenario, and most important you need to teach your child about anxiety and help them normalize their reasonable fears.

There are a lot of strategies that can be very effective in working with kids experiencing anxiety.